Red Velvet Bliss

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If red velvet cake had a cookie twin, this blissful cookie would be it. Half dipped in luxurious white chocolate, it’s like icing on the cookie!

  • Individual - $3
  • 1 half dozen - $16
  • 1 dozen - $32
  • Orders over 4 dozen - $30/dozen

3 reviews for Red Velvet Bliss

  1. Charlotte Williams

    I brought home several flavored cookies from a holiday marketplace this past weekend. The Red Velvet Bliss was one of the flavors. I left them on the kitchen counter to see what would happen. My husband was the first to try the Oatmeal Raisin with Toffee and though not being a cookie lover, he continued to devour the whole cookie! Then, my son caught me coming into the kitchen and said, “Mom, I may have to eat this cookie! It’s really good!”. He was talking about the Red Velvet Bliss cookie. He had only taken one bite. As I continuously passed through the kitchen during the afternoon, I noticed more of the cookie was missing. Eventually, all that sat on the counter was the empty wrapper. Proof enough to me these cookies are worth every bite!

  2. Claire Rockett

    Absolutely the best red velvet anything I’ve ever eaten. It’s just the right amount of sweetness. A beautiful cookie too.

  3. Ryan Hammock

    A friend gave our office a box of assorted cookies for Christmas. Being a self proclaimed red velvet connoisseur I immediate went for your Red Velvet Bliss cookie, I was definitely impressed! I’m definitely looking forward to trying your other options!

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