Our Story

Hi, I’m Kerri Prince, cookie connoisseur and master baker at Whirled Piece. Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a fascination with flour and eggs. I used to love mixing different amounts of both while my grandmother made gnocchi from scratch, which she called “bullets.” She would let me make “experiments” by mixing various ingredients together in bowls and then baking them to discover what I had made. And so my love of baking began.

I was born in Gainesville, Georgia – the first southerner in a family full of northerners. We never had biscuits or any other southern style food in our kitchen, but we made biscotti and breads. Most everything was made by hand, by recipe. I found that I loved the chemical process and science behind baking.

I majored in Biology and baked throughout college trying to come up with the “healthiest” cookie. I grew very interested in wholesome substitutes and vegan baking. Today, with 10 years of baking experience, my cookies are all handcrafted, baked in my southern kitchen, using only the finest, purest, freshest quality ingredients and 100% real butter. I feel that cookies made with preservatives and additives may be cheaper than my gourmet cookies, but they leave a filmy aftertaste and pollute your body with chemicals. Whirled Piece cookies are cookies your body can feel much better about processing.

When I bake, I feel at peace. The measuring, the mixing, the delicious smell of cookies baking . . . and knowing that my customers will enjoy a wholesome treat without any chemicals added.

That’s Whirled Piece. Cookies for the soul.

Kerri Prince
Kerri Prince