Peppermint White Chocolate Chip

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Nothing says winter quite like brisk peppermint cozied up with white chocolate. Not too sweet and not too salty, this nostalgic cookie is sure to warm your heart.

  • Individual - $3
  • 1 half dozen - $16
  • 1 dozen - $32
  • Orders over 4 dozen - $30/dozen

5 reviews for Peppermint White Chocolate Chip

  1. Stephanie Eubanks

    I just tasted this cookie and it was the BEST thing I have ever put in my mouth! Thank you so much!

  2. Darla Eden

    my friends have never steered me wrong….thank you girls for introducing the most amazing cookies ever this Christmas season….I am a lucky girl to have them this morning with coffee…an angel left a box of delicious cookies in my mailbox. You won’t settle for other cookies after enjoying the quality of homemade fresh of Whirled Piece.

  3. Phil Bonelli

    I am so glad that I can type out my appreciation for these cookies. If I had to actually speak my feelings then I would be in a tough spot, because that would require me to stop eating them, which would be heartbreaking! They are so delicious!

  4. Claire Rockett

    This is a delicious cookie. I never thought I would like a peppermint anything but I really loved this cookie. My husband never eats cookies and he took one bite and said, “this cookie is pretty good”. I will certainly buy more of these!!!

  5. Karen Tuton

    The Peppermint White Chocolate Chip cookie is out of this world. We were given a box of cookies by our boss and these are the most delicious things on earth. Wonderful for Christmas and great as an afternoon pick-me-up in the office. I am so glad I was introduced to Whirled Piece! I will be ordering a dozen!

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